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What is a UX audit and why is it done?

A UX audit is a form of usability analysis performed (usually) by one person. This person’s task is to trace specific areas of the product (or the entire product) – content structure, navigation, vocabulary used, interface components and the technical and graphic layers. During the audit, we check the paths users follow and try to find places that require improvement.

The audit helps define initial hypotheses for further research, identify areas that we want to deepen, and initially find places that can be improved, rebuilt or added to the existing product.

But it also helps those teams that don’t have a research budget but still want to improve the product’s performance.

What method do I use?

Before starting the audit, we determine the main paths (scenarios) of use. When working on the audit, I use a cognitive journey – I take on the role of a user who is browsing the website for the first time and trying to complete tasks – buy a product, go through payments, make a return, file a complaint, etc.

A cognitive journey, supported by good practices and heuristics, is a method I have been using for years. So you can be sure that it is proven and effective – I have audited both large sales platforms, mobile applications and internal information management systems in this way.

The form of information provided depends on the selected variant.

What does an audit consist of?

In each audit variant you will always find:

Observation list

I will describe moments in the product where something does not work, is incomprehensible or may cause errors

The importance of observations

Not every bug is critical, so I will prioritize my observations to help you plan for fixes


I will suggest changes to problematic elements and write what to pay attention to when making corrections

Summary presentation

I end each audit with a summary listing the most important observations

Choose the variant for yourself

If you are not sure which option is perfect for you, please contact me.

path audit

€ 360


analysis of 3 basic paths

presentation in PDF format

summary meeting

product UX audit

€ 950


analysis of the entire product

presentation in PDF format

summary meeting

database of all observations

extended with tests

individual pricing

analysis of the entire product

presentation in PDF format

summary meeting

database of all observations

usability tests with a group of customers