Project support

For over a decade, I have been working on creating and improving digital products – websites, stores, applications and extensive sales platforms.

Artistic education and years of working with financial products, stores, sales platforms and mobile apps allow me to look at the product holistically. From the smallest elements such as labels and interface controls, to complex processes and information structures.

Years of work have taught me one thing – no two projects are ever the same, which is why I focus primarily on flexibility at work.

Natalia participated in many stages of the production of our global products. (…) If I had the opportunity to work with Natalia again in the future, I would definitely choose to do so.

Łukasz Krebok, Principle UX Designer at Diebold Nixdorf

Hundreds of hours of lectures

As part of my work in agencies and my own business, I have conducted hundreds of hours of training, workshops and lectures for companies from Poland and abroad.

I conducted training for banks, cultural institutions, agencies and technology companies (including Santander Consumer Bank Polska, Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Pan Tadeusz Museum).

I am also active at universities – so far I have conducted classes at the SWPS University (in Warsaw, Sopot and Katowice) and the University of Economics in Poznań, and I have given guest lectures (ASP Katowice, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, University of Warsaw).

You can also hear me at conferences and meetup stages.

Learning from Natalia as my mentor has been an eye-opening experience. She helped me better understand the UX side of design when it came to changes within my design team. It goes beyond simply explaining concepts, shows you how to put them into practice with examples, and delves into real-world cases in our weekly sessions.

Julia Derevianko, Head of Design at Hocoos

Consultations and mentoring

In addition to project work, I had the opportunity to support companies with consultations and individual mentoring sessions for project team members.

During consultations, I focus on improvements in purchasing processes, interfaces, and working methods of the project team.

Both consultations and mentoring sessions are completely tailored to the needs of the team and the company’s profile – their thematic scope and length.

I had the opportunity to work with Natalia on a large, complex UX project for e-commerce. (…) Her insightful comments on our product strategy were very useful and helped us achieve a better balance of value delivered to our customers in a reasonable time.

Łukasz Kucharski, Head of Product Design at RTV Euro AGD

I also do things that are available for free ☞

Design blog

Since 2012, I have been writing about graphics and design on my blog, where you will find content about design education and careers.


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YouTube channel

You can also join the 29,000 people who follow my YouTube channel – it’s an alternative for people who don’t like reading longer articles.


From time to time, I also choose an audio format and in short episodes (about 20 minutes) I talk about content, also project-related, on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

Been there, done that

At times, I speak at product design-related conferences and meetups.

31.05.2022, Kraków – Halo Design
PL: “Designers, let’s talk about research!”

12.05.2020, online – The Disruption Forum Retail
EN: “Why and how retail has to invest in UX research” with Patrycja Rudnicka and Konrad Olejarczyk

22.02.2020, Toruń – WIAD2020
PL: “Is there a place for information architects in organizations?”

30.11.2019, Kraków – DesignWays
PL: The story of the four “P” – about building a design team in low maturity international company

27.11.2019, Wrocław – WUD Wrocław
PL: Workshop “How not to run on reserve or UX strategy as a designer’s fuel”

12.06.2019, Wrocław – UX / UI Space Wrocław 
PL: “Cognitive biases in designer’s work”

23.05.2019, Wrocław – Muzealniaki. Training for the staff of cultural institutions
PL: “Design Thinking in Practice – what is it, and how to use it in everyday work?”

15.05.2019, Poznań – Hello Roman & Friends

19.11.2018, Katowice – UX Makers #4
EN: “Five signals that your project is falling off”

21.04.2018, Kraków – Ciemna strona UX
EN: “Do you have a plan for the mission?”

21.02.2018, broadcast – „Czwórka” Polish Radio
PL: “About biometrics in banking

13.12.2017, Warszawa – Ladies that UX
PL: “How does an introvert become a UX Designer?”